Journée professionnelle

Journée professionnelle

12 april from 10am to 6pm / Cinéma L’Etoile de La Courneuve

Each year, La Maison des Jonglages proposes to the living theater workers to meet to exchange commons problematics and to support the circus artists. During the festival Rencontre des Jonglages.


Circus in public space ?

10 am: Meeting with Territoire de Cirque.
How to build the circus, how to build the town ?

12 pm: Study presentation about participation effects during Monument en PartageStudy ordered by La Courneuve and Department of Seine-Saint-Denis, realised by Vertigo In Vivo, presented by par Pascal Le Brun-Cordier.

12.30 pm: short movies projection by Irvin Anneix & Hélène Combal-Weiss.Corps de Chantier by Irvin Anneix and Courts de chute by Hélène Combal-Weiss.

2.30 pm: City Rights charter presentation (by Artcéna)City Rights charter aims to facilitate circus tents in the territories. Worker group by ARTCENA.Go in with emergence ?

3.30 pm: SACD Award ceremony of author juggler 2019SACD is a partner of the 12th edition of the Festival Rencontre des Jonglages. Aware of its importance and vitality in the circus repertoire, the SACD and its board of directors celebrate for that new year year in a row the juggling contemporary creation by presenting a prize whose ambition is to accompany and promote the career of an author.

4.30 pm: Juggling creation projects presentationIn  order  to  support  the  juggling  creation,  Artcena  and  La  Maison  des  Jonglages  join  forces  to  offer  a  presentation of juggling projects. An appointment, during which companies involved in the development of juggling present orally their current creation projects to professionals, in a friendly setting.

6 pm: Presentation of the study book about the juggling notation Jonathan Lardillier example. With the CNAC and Chaire ICiMa.